Madness of war

Guest article

Christina Wagner

Appeal against wars

I have been writing a novel series for almost two years. Although still far from the end, due to the war in Ukraine, an intended scene at the end of my story came to mind. Here the main protagonist will talk about the madness of war. Even though the situation is different from the current one, the appeal, which of course I had to rewrite to our world, fits these times.

 An appeal to the reason of mankind:

Why do we have to fight wars again and again? Throughout our history we have not managed to overcome this. Death, destruction, suffering, is this the purpose of our existence?

We live on this little blue ball in the vast darkness of the universe. A gift. And what do we do? We fight each other until today out of petty envy, resentment and a greed for power and richness. Again and again there is the endeavor to annex other territories and to dominate other people. We live on this earth and refuse to see ourselves as one humanity. Again and again we look for reasons to build new walls in our heads. We proudly present our ability to extinguish all life on earth. Wipe out? For what? For the satisfaction of power and greed, or even world domination? For this we spend vast sums. Vast sums around against us to lead war.

Man calls himself intelligent. But his intelligence ends there, where he should recognize that he must be worth of a survival also. An earth, with straight 12,700 km diameter is divided into approximately 200 states. We still let races, skin colors, religions as well as economic and political systems separate us. For this we are still ready to make our own life to hell. Humanity is thereby depriving itself of its possibilities. Instead of fighting suffering and misery on the planet, we, the people, are fighting ourselves. Instead of using our possibilities for the good of mankind, we rather arm ourselves for wars. Wars that begin in our heads and end cruelly on the battlefields.

Right now we are again experiencing the madness of war, with all its cruelties of death, suffering and destruction.

Let us stop it now! Let us stop not only this war, but the wars between us, here and now. Let us show that we can break away from the past. Even if it is difficult, let us fill up the dividing trenches and tear down the walls between us. Otherwise, this so-called turn of the times will lead us not only into a new armament mania, but possibly ultimately into the total destruction of humanity. We should make this turn of the times a really new period of history! Let us prove that mankind can free itself from hatred, envy and greed for power.  Let's break free from the shackles of history and show that we are worth surviving! It is up to us to give ourselves a future. A future in which we use our possibilities for humanity. We live inseparably on one planet, the Earth. And only united we will be able to master the challenges of the future and to use our possibilities from science and technology for the people meaningfully.

It is up to us where the turn of the times leads. We cannot hide behind any natural law. It is our own decision whether we want to continue to use bombs to destroy bridges or to build bridges between us.

One planet, one mankind, one future - only a dream? It is up to us, humanity! If we continue as before, the day may come when humanity will fulfill its own destiny and destroy itself. Therefore, let us stop before, now! No matter what races, peoples and religions, our common evolution makes us all brothers and sisters, united on Earth!


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