SAL Heavy Lift Freighter Series

Heavy Lift Vessel Grietje, Klasse 161a
SAL heavy-lift project carrier GRIETJE, class 161 a. Entering NOK near Brunsbüttel
Heavy Lift Vessel Regine, Klasse 176
SAL heavy-lift vessel REGINE, class 176, leaving the NOK at Brunsbüttel.
Heavy Lift Vessel Svenja, Klasse 183
SAL heavy-lift vessel SVENJA, class 183, leaving Warnemünde with a cargo of monopipes.
Heavy Lift Vessel Lone, Klasse 183
SAL heavy-lift vessel LONE, class 183, on the Kiel Fjord. As built in 2011 - without DP 2


Karl-Heinz Brueggmann

I have always been fascinated by heavy-lift carriers. In the past, it was especially the ships of the DDG Hansa. Ships like the UHENFELS or TRIFELS with their mighty heavy-lift cargo booms were an impressive sight.

DDG Hansa Vessel Stockenfels
The STOCKENFELS of the DDG Hansa in the 1970s on the Kiel Canal, in front of the old Prinz-Heinrich bridge.

Some DDG Hansa ships also passed through the Kiel Canal. I captured one such event in my picture.

The STOCKENFELS, built in 1971 at the Flender shipyard in Lübeck, passed through the Kiel Canal in the 1970s. The 153.27 m long and 22.92 m wide ship had 2 inverted booms with a lifting capacity of 75 t each. This meant that up to 150 t could be taken on board when coupled. In addition, she had eight 5 - 10 t cargo booms, as well as an 11 t and a 5 t crane. There was also a 5 t gantry crane.

With its 12,250 hp 7-cylinder main engine from MAN, the ship reached a speed of 20 knots.

Times have changed. Today it is the heavy-lift ships with their mighty cranes. Therefore, I have started a small series of heavy-lift ships of SAL Heavy Lift, Hamburg. The shipping company has a large fleet of such special ships. A large part of the fleet was built at the Sietas shipyard. A particular feature of the ships is their unusually high speed of over 20 knots for heavy-lift vessels.

The GRIETJE belongs to class 161a. The ship, built in 2000 at the Sietas shipyard, has 2 NMF cranes with 320 t each, and one NMF crane with a lifting capacity of 200 t.

The REGINE belongs to the class 176 of the Sietas shipyard. She was delivered in 2009 and has 2 NMF cranes with 700 t each, and a crane with 350 t lifting capacity.

SVENJA and LONE of type 183 were the most powerful heavy-lift project carriers in the world with their two 1,000 t NMF cranes when they were delivered in 2010 and 2011 respectively.

For offshore work, the Svenja was retrofitted with DP 1 and the LONE with DP 2 system. With the positioning system, the vessels can hold their position exactly. On the LONE, an additional generator room had to be created on the afterdeck to supply power to the extensive DP 2 system.

If you want to know more about the Type 161 or Type 176 ships, you should have a look at Christina Wagner's contributions. She was kind enough to write reports illustrated with her photos here.

For the report on Type 161 click HERE!

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